1789 was a historic year in Ireland. The year of the United Irishmen, the Wexford Rising…. and the foundation of Johnnie Fox’s pub at Glencullen, well hidden in Dublin mountains.

After driving through a snowy area and taking some pics in the freezing cold….

…. we could hardly wait to enjoy the warmness of this world famous pub.

The pub is bigger these days and even more famous for food and drink, song and story – but just as warm and welcoming as on any day or night over the past 200 years.

After looking around the place, I was not surprised to learn that it started out to be a folk museum then changed its mind and settled for the friendlier art of hospitality.

One of the first things that I noticed was a picture of our Ex-State President of Hungary, Dr. Árpád Göncz who translated the works of both Synge and O’Casey into Hungarian.

So if your taste is for a traditional pub with antique charm near Dublin, your search has ended ;) .

My favorites were: this bottle and glass collection (as I have a collection myself :) ) ….

and some of these beautifully timeless portraits on the walls….

There’s eatin’ and drinkin’ at Johnnie Fox’s. Their kitchen has won awards from the experts and acclaim from the fans….

Their slogan is “Nobody goes hungry…. or thirsty!”

They also boast in having one of the most extensive seafood menus in Ireland.

As I’m not friends with prawns, mussels, lobster and frog’s legs, I ordered the Chef’s soup of the day, vegetable soup :D . Until we waited for our food to get ready, I spent some time getting lost in antique charme.

This is the lovely and simple vegetable soup I had ;) .

If you search for the real Irish Craic, make sure to visit this pub. There is live music and dancing – entertainment 7 nights a week. We were lucky to get a table, but if you’re visiting with a bigger group of people, I recommend making a reservation in advance (almost all tables were reserved when we were there) ;) .

For more information, please check out their website :) .

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