Paris is widely known as the “City of Light,” but it is also known as the “City of Love”. There is one spot that caught my attention before our trip to Paris: the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Seine River.

Built in 1804, this bridge is a destination for couples wishing to memorialize their love. Sweethearts from near and far visit the bridge to attach padlocks engraved with their initials and messages before throwing the locks’ keys into the Seine below. I saw so many lovely images on Instagram before our trip to Paris, so I decided to put a padlock on the Pont des Arts myself. This was our second trip to Paris and a special one as well. We were travelling with our little boy this time. He had the time of his life playing with his new wooden toy, Vau Vau :), while I was looking for the perfect place to leave the padlock.

I’ve always loved the idea of putting a padlock on the bridge, but wanted to make it even more special. I asked my parents to search for a padlock that belonged to our family. I knew that there must be one that I could use for this purpose and I was right. My Dad found a padlock that belonged to my beloved grandfather – he used to secure his bike with it. I know that mostly couples place padlocks on the bridge, so here comes the twist in our story. We decided to leave a padlock for our son, Milán. After all, he is the fruit of our love, the light of our life.

I had his nickname and a tiny message engraved on it, saying “We love you”. At the moment I can’t imagine being away from him for longer than a few hours, but I know that the time will come when his turn of travelling and adventuring shall start.

I hope that the padlocks on the bridge will stay there for many years to come and when Milán will visit Pont des Arts in Paris as a grown up, he will find our family padlock and smile knowing how loved he is.

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