Boho Nursery Decor for Rose

Behind the scenes I’m regularly working on custom orders with mamas from across the globe. As I’m constantly juggling many roles as an entrepreneur, I’m not always able to show you in real time the things we’re working on with my Mum, but I love to give you sneak peeks & I regularly blog about our finished projects here on my blog & pin our Etsy listings, blog posts to my popular Pinterest board called BOHO BABY HEAVEN. Come & follow!!

Recently, I started working on custom nursery decor for my dear friend Rose, the owner of kiin baby who is expecting her second child. We have a special connection as she also runs her business with her Mum & we are crazy about the same Earthy colours. I was so excited to design/make decor pieces & toys for her boho nursery.

Creative people all have their own source of inspiration, I love to collect mine on public & secret boards on Pinterest. As Rose already had a Llama Nursery Mobile from us, we decided to go with camels this time. The colour palette for the whole project consisted of Earthy colours: rich shades of mustard, rust, terracotta mixed with lighter shades of tan & ivory. I started gathering ideas for a custom Camel Soft Toy & a one-of-a-kind Desert Night Nursery Mobile first.

We specialize in Cactus Decor Pillows mainly and Rose wanted our signature Saguaro, Succulent & Barrell Cactus Decor Pillows for her nursery. First, we made a Succulent Decor Pillow in Mustard & Ivory colours, then a Saguaro in Rust. The Barrell Cactus Decor Pillow in Sand colour was ready, so we made the adorable Camel Sensory Toy next.

Then we worked on the Camel Soft Toy, the nursery mobile & the custom baby play gym toys simultaneously. The colours of the laces on the custom Camel Soft Toy saddle have a special meaning: I choose mustard as that is Rose’s favorite colour. A stunning shade of rust because her firstborn daughter Hazel has gorgeous ginger hair. I’ve been saving this lace for years for special projects and I’m so glad I did.

Matching colours is one of my fave parts of the design process. Rose has a Rust Canopy over her crib in the nursery, so I went with lighter colours for the nursery mobile. This way the mobile will pop so well against the rusty, darker background. The Camel Soft Toy will bring a splash of colour too wherever placed in the nursery.

I can’t put into words how amazing it feels to have an idea in your head & to see it come alive! I’d been wanting to use a fabric with a special print for years too & this custom mobile was the perfect occasion to use it for our new figures: PALM TREES. It was the best choice for the trunk of the palm tree as it resembles its real life outlook. For the crown (foliage) I went with ivory.

I was so looking forward to this moment of putting together my Sunshine Rattan Bassinet & adding the whole set to finally take pictures. On the other hand, I would like to remind my readers that this is STAGED NURSERY DECOR INSPO. These longer mobiles should be hung from the ceiling or hung higher if used with bassinets. Rose has a crib in her nursery, so it will be hung out of reach.

I’d like to link here our SAFETY GUIDELINES too, please always remember to follow safe sleep practices. There should only be 2 things in your baby’s crib/bassinet: a firm, tight-fitting mattress & a crib sheet. It’s tempting to make it look cute and cozy with lots of blankets, stuffed animals & decor pillows, but they are all suffocation hazards for kids under 1 year old. They are perfect PROPS for staged/product photos or nursery reveal/new baby pics, but should be all removed otherwise.

We finished our work with the making of a custom set of Boho Baby Play Gym Toys. Besides our signature natural wooden beads, I also used a few colored ones on this set. I’m so in love with the result!! Can’t wait to see the set attached to Rose’s Rattan Play Gym Stand, I know it will look stunning.

Today I said goodbye to & prepared these beauties that were handmade with so much love… for shipping! I can’t wait for our cacti & camels to make their journey to their forever home in Australia & hopefully be one of the first toys that will make Rose‘s baby smile.

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