Nursery decor for baby Ebba

    I can’t really describe how amazing it feels to get total stranger mums’ trust (who live thousand miles away from me) to design nursery decor for their baby. I’m so proud of the latest ‘Llama & Cactus Set’ we made for baby Ebba from Norway 🙂

    As I happened to have a matching standard mobile ready, I took few pics with that too, but baby Ebba will get the smaller custom mobile that fits her smaller crib.


    Heirloom pieces for Isla Dolcie

    I finally had a little time to blog about these beautiful heirloom pieces we made with my Mum for a little girl named Isla Dolcie. Her Mama lives in Australia and she contacted me via Instagram to make a blanket, a custom Boho Baby Block and a completely new product, the Baby Llama Lovey for her daughter. It took us a while, but the waiting was worth it!

    Here are few pics of the making & the finished pieces! It fills our hearts with so much joy to know how loved & cherished these items will be 🙂