Pastel Nursery Set

    With the addition of our Succulent Pillow, there are so many ways to mix & match this set. The colour palette is PEACH/CORAL/MINT/LIGHT PINK. Available to order through our Etsy shop!


    Wanderlust Nursery Mobile

    We all deserve a little wanderlust in our lives…. including nurseries 🙂 It took me a very long time to come up with this minimal design, but I’m very pleased with the end result! Love this gender neutral addition to our boho baby nursery mobiles! This version was made for my friend, Haleigh’s little boy, Rowan. She also requested a matching Boho Baby Block and a Camel Rattle. We made few more matching items too.


    Nursery decor for baby Ebba

    I can’t really describe how amazing it feels to get total stranger mums’ trust (who live thousand miles away from me) to design nursery decor for their baby. I’m so proud of the latest ‘Llama & Cactus Set’ we made for baby Ebba from Norway 🙂

    As I happened to have a matching standard mobile ready, I took few pics with that too, but baby Ebba will get the smaller custom mobile that fits her smaller crib.


    Choosing Hope

    Last year I was contacted by Instagram user Rita, a lovely young lady. She was so kind & very open to share her story which I find inspiring. Rita & her husband struggle with infertility, but they have chosen HOPE & decided to start dreaming about their little one’s nursery. They had a cactus/succulent themed wedding, so when Rita found our shop, she instantly fell in love with our products. Every few months, Rita contacts me with a new project to design. It makes the whole process, the waiting time sweeter, more bearable. I find her attitude inspiring that is why I asked her permission to share the story behind these products.

    I placed that Cuddly Cactus Pillow with arms open wide on purpose!! Baby S, we are waiting for you & you are worth the wait!