Peyton and Byrne Bakeries

Peyton and Byrne would be my dream neighborhood bakery if I lived in London – unabashedly British with a huge variety of handmade cakes, tarts, breads and celebration cakes as well as an amazing range of tea, the best specialty coffee, hot chocolate and savoury creations.

They open early in the morning to serve hot-out-of-the-oven Chelsea buns and pastries; followed by lunchtime counter offering award-winning sandwiches on their freshly baked bread, seasonal healthy salads and of course their famous pies and tarts. In the afternoon they celebrate the British love of an afternoon treat or two. If you have something to celebrate, there is nothing better than a Victoria sponge oozing with fresh organic cream, or their take on the iconic Jaffa cake – six layers, made from light vanilla sponge, tangy orange filling and is finished in silky smooth chocolate.


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