Ballycross Apple Farm revisited

Last year we had the pleasure to visit Ballycross Apple Farm in County Wexford for the first time. I loved its Halloween mood and as we didn’t explore to whole farm, we decided to go back this year again. We got lucky with the weather, it was fairly warm and although there was no good light for photography, at least it wasn’t raining ;). We were once again greeted by the farm animals – ducks, goats, pigs, horses, rabbits – and loads of pumpkins which set the whole Halloween mood of the place.

Below you can see Paddy, the main horse enjoying his break between cart rides around the farm. This time we took our own Radio Flyer Wagon with us and had a lot of fun. It came very handy especially when we decided to leave the stone courtyard.

As there were still few places to discover, we bought our tickets to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchards. The yellow trail leads through an enchanted forrest to a photographer’s dream: a seemingly endless pumpkin patch :). I loved every second of this trip, but this was my favorite part by far, a dream come true. I felt like a child again….

I gave Little One a proper ride through the pumpkin patch too and afterwards we headed towards the apple orchards and the farm again. As treasures from the trip, we took home several types of pumpkins and a huge bag of Elstar apples that have been almost completely devoured by yours truly.


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