Dublin doors

It was 1970 around St. Patrick’s Day that a colourful collage of Dublin doors appeared in the window of the Irish Tourism offices on Fifth Avenue in New York City. People on their way to watch the parade were stopped in their tracks by what they saw. Drawn by the uniqueness of the image, many of them went inside to find out where they could get a copy. There were so many requests that Joe Malone, North American Manager of Bord Fáilte at the time, commissioned the poster that has since become an icon of Ireland. All of these now-famous portals are found on the Georgian town houses south of the Liffey and are an established visual attraction in the capital.

For a long time I hoped to do a photoshoot in this area, so I was very happy to photograph my friends here at the beginning of April. Lili and Szabi came to visit for a week from Hungary and posed in front of many doors in Dublin’s Merrion Square.

Lili and Szabi, I hope when you look back, our adventures and these portraits will put a huge smile on your face!

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