Cactus Baby Play Gym Set

We are thrilled to show you our newest, gender neutral bohobaby product, the Cactus Baby Play Gym Set. It helps stimulating the development of visual, motor & sensory skills for babies.

This set consists of a Barrel Cactus-shaped Playmat & 4 hanging Cactus Baby Gym Toys.

We are not selling the wooden frame itself, it was made by us for display purposes only.

The Barrel Cactus Playmat is 68 cm (27 inches) long & 70 cm (27.5 inches) wide.

There are 4 Cactus Baby Play Gym Toys included in the set, they are each around 31 cm (12 inches) long from top to bottom & they have the shape of Saguaros. They feature natural wooden beads and rings too.

The Barrel Cactus Playmat is embellished with little flowers in bloom that serve as another sensory element for baby to enjoy while practising tummy time.



Strictly to be used under adult supervision only. The wooden beads featured on this product may pose a choking hazard if the toy is damaged. Please make sure that you check the set every time before baby starts playing with it.



Our products are available to order in our Etsy shop.

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