Kid’s Concept Pavilion Tent

How are you friends? I’ve decided that I’m never growing up, so you’ll find me in my Pavilion Tent daydreaming! Joke aside, how absolutely adorable is this little tent? Children love building cabins and creating their own little cosy den. They can amuse themselves for hours in there, with various role-plays involving cabin building and “nesting”. The more pillows, blankets and cuddly toys they can cram in there, the cosier it becomes. In their imagination, their den can become anything – a playhouse, a shop, a library, or simply a cosy cabin. If it’s a rainy day, move the tent indoors to create a cosy outdoor feeling indoors. The possibilities are endless…

The Pavilion Tent is one of the best things I’ve ever invested in for my child’s room. As a designer I can also use it for styling, so it’s a double win! Below you will find a few pics taken during assembly…. it was quick, easy & fun.

“When designing a product, we need to start from the child’s perspective by making sure we develop products that meet the needs of children and encourage the little ones to play, learn, and improve their motor skills and fantasy. Our toys need to be safe and functional, and they must comply with Kid’s Concepts’ high quality standards. A simple drawing on a paper is normally where I start. From start to finish – a fully-tested product –can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months, working closely with our skilled suppliers all over the world. I’m someone who has an eye for detail and I enjoy exploring and trying out new things. We work with several different materials, combining textures and colours that I find interesting to put together. It’s great that I’m able to follow the idea all the way from conception to fully-tested product.”

Lotta Hallenius, Designer & Product Developer

The playhouse tent is made for playing and hanging out: it’s foldable and easy to carry around. The fabric used for the tent is 100% cotton, it’s colour is offwhite. The tent pegs are made of quality pinewood and polyethylene.

The tent arrived carefully packaged in a big box. As the fabric was a bit wrinkly, I decided to iron the fabric strips used for the pinewood poles. The tent’s diameter is 142 cm, its height is 122 cm.

Above is how it looks from the inside if you look up, below how it looks from outside if you peek inside. Roll up the sides or take down all the sides for a complete house to play in.

The Pavilion Tent is intended for children over 36 months and is a true heirloom piece that can be passed down to generations. I cannot recommend it highly enough, we simply adore it! If you are going for boho vibes, style it with decor pillows & soft toys from Boho Baby Heaven.

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